I invite You

To connect with your Soul and Higher Self in order to see who you truly are. To live your spirituality fully in every moment of your beautiful life.

Nikolaos Unalome’s journey of healing awakening began with the yoga practice of Ashtanga VinyasaYoga, Hatha Yoga and Pranayama. He completed advanced seminars on Thai massage, osteo-Thai, fascia therapy and Ayurveda (the ancient medicine of India) with the practice of Abhyanga massage and panchakarma therapies. In recent years his exploration is based on the world of sound and vibrations and through this exploration he discovered the sound of Bilas, flat bells with high vibration frequency. At the same time, he performs sound healing concerts which seek to bring a transcendental experience to the listeners, beyond any acoustic idea or musical style. Being one of the few performers of the Bilas flat bells in the world, he explores its fusion with other instruments creating hypnotic melodies and sound ripples that expand the boundaries of the known and of the unknown.   

NikolaoS UnalomE

I have always been hopeful and saw the eternal light that shines in all of  us



My soul journey

Holistic bodywork helps to transform, shift and integrate energies. It invites you to activate the light body (Ka body) and let it shine. Your physical and energetic bodies are brought back into universal balance and your soul gets more space in your temple.




Deep relaxation and well-being by dissolving patterns of stress, worry and anxiety, bringing equilibrium and harmony back to your body, mind and spirit.  



Events & Retreat

Stay connected with my sacred path



Stay connected

Dive deep with me and  experience your body as a temple of light, as the home of your soul on earth. The reconnection to yourself.



Media about Me


Discover my healing sound for groups and individual treatments…

Nikolaos treatments includes spiritual coaching and connection with the soul in order to clean the energy, unblock chakras , emotions and old traumas. He also recommend and promote for his special friends his own therapy which is a combination of blessing oil massage and healing sound therapy. The language that touch his heart and often use in therapies is ¨Aramaic΅. Awake, resurrections and transform the souls with love and light.

Βe Who You Are

Be who you are..there is beauty in being you, there is joy in being you, there is meaning in being you, there is glory in being you, there is wisdom in being you and there is something miraculous, magnificent and sacred in being you. be who you are.

find within yourself that place where spirit and soul connect and yours will be a joyous transformation which will beautifully benefit your life and the lives of others.

the highest good and the greatest good came over one day and we talked at length on how we could breathe new life into our world thereby helping people live more peaceful loving lives.

embrace with creativity, walk your path with selfless devotion, serve through spirit and open yourself to true divine love for you are a being of light deserving of all that is great and good. 

the greater our love and generosity the more likely it is that we will be embraced by things most profound that will raise our vibrations, cultivate the positive and manifest miracles which transform. 

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