In this session, a combination of sound therapy techniques are used to bring new energy and alignment to your whole being.

It begins with a meridian activation to open your energetic meridians allowing vibrant energy to flow.Then tuning forks are placed onto the body to help relieve inflammation and pain. The session then moves into a personal sound bath, immersing you in the sound of Chakra tuned crystal singing bowls, as the healing the power of the sound waves and vibrations penetrate your body.Next, tuning forks are placed on reflexology points to release any stuck energy and create balance and harmony. Lastly, a combination of sounds, using specific protocols for your individual needs, are used to balance the nervous system, and the subtle energy bodies. The combination of these sequences, and magical sounds and vibrations create a sense of deep relaxation and well-being by dissolving patterns of stress, worry and anxiety, bringing equilibrium and harmony back to your body, mind and spirit.