May You understand the Power

Rise above all that is of the body and let yourself grow to a size equal to the greatness which is beyond all measure.

Rise above all of time and become eternal,then you shall understand the Power.

Think that,for you also,nothing is impossible.

Find your home in the abode of any living creature.

Rise above any height and go down below any depth.

Unite within yourself the opposite of all qualities,warm and cold,dry and moist.

Imagine that you are everywhere at the same time,on land,at sea and in the sky.

Imagine that you have not yet been born,that you are still in the womb,that you are old,that you are dead,that you are in the world beyond the grave.

Keep all this in your mind at the same time,all time and all places,all substances and potentials in one.

Then you may understand the Power.